Astute Sun Line VT Saddle

Astute Sun Line VT Saddle


The Astute Sunline SR Nylon/Titanium is a road cyclist’s aerodynamic single shell cycling seat that focuses on comfort. The titanium rails along with the carbon fiber inner shell and nylon outer absorb road shock. A layer of rubber is added for extra shock protection. The curved shell provides relief on the sit bones and the soft Memory Foam at the front of the seat adds additional comfort. To wrap up the final feature ensuring comfort, the durable, washable microfiber is soft and it relieves seat pressure.

✔ Three-density progressive Memory Foam padding to provide better comfort in the perineal area - firmer in the back to support the sit bones, and softer on the front.
✔ Anti-vibration self-supporting twin shell, designed to significantly reduce vibrations and relieve body of vibration stress by 20%.
✔ Inner shell is made of 15% carbon-fiber reinforced nylon, while the outer shell is made of nylon with Soft Touch finish.
✔ Features an open U-shaped shell in 15% carbon-fiber reinforced nylon. Designed for less pressure in the perineal area and greater support under high-strain conditions.
✔ The Cover Design System technology, an innovating rubber system designed to cover the shell and minimize vibrations.
✔ Titanium rail with tubular Titan-V Technology. 80% titanium and 20% vanadium. Lightweight, durable and anti-vibration for full comfort and reliability.
✔ Dimensions 142 x 262 mm
✔ Weight 235 grams
✔ Premium Italian microfiber
Seat Width: 145mm

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